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Central Ohio Linux Users Group
Date: Wednesday, September 24 2014, 7 - 9 PM

Meeting Presentation
Jim Prior will present on editing the command line and scripting
on the command line. Jim will show one or more ways of doing
something, and then others will share better ways of do that same
thing. This should be an interactive and pretty practical

    for f in *.htm; do echo mv -i "$f" "${f%%.htm}.html";done
    for f in index.*.html; do echo mv -i "$f" "ndx.${f##index.}";done

As always, feel free to bring with you any ailing or problematic
systems for expert diagnosis (or destruction).

The upcoming meeting is open to the general public, and all with
an interest in Linux, Free Software, Open Source Software, vi,
vim, bash, ksh, csh, zsh, ash, busybox, Windows, BSD, Unix,
etcetera are invited. Even those with an interest in the one true
operating system, EMACS, are welcome. If nothing else, we'll see
who reads this boilerplate.

There are no dues or fees.

The September meeting will be held at

    1275 Kinnear Rd,
    Columbus, OH 43212

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